Ball Kids


Download the Ball Kids flyer, here.  

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Ball Kids are a very important part of any tennis tournament. Ball Kids keep the match moving and the players rely on them to hustle to keep the pace going. The basic responsibility of a Ball Kid is to retrieve balls that land outside of the court or in the net and send them back to the Ball Kids who are tossing balls to the player who is serving. This is the most important part of being a Ball Kid.  Ball Kids must complete every task as fast as they can and develop a “sense of urgency” about all the tasks that they perform. 

Excellent Characteristics of a Ball Person

A Ball Person...

  1. Is always on time for check in or when returning from breaks.
  2. Gets along well with others and doesn't complain about his/her teammates.
  3. Is respectful to other ballpersons and coordinators.
  4. Always pays attention and gives her'her best effort.
  5. Hustles on all on-court tasks; retrieving balls, towels, umbrellas, etc.
  6. Accepts his/her court assignment without questioning the coordinator.
  7. Is a role model for all of his/her teammates.
  8. Sets a good example by being quiet with his/her group during changeover periods on court.
  9. Wears the uniform well and would be an asset to any team. 

Important Tips...

  1. Never speak to a player, umpire or linesman, unless asked a specific questions by the umpire.
  2. Never indicate, by expressions or any other way, your reaction to the action on the court.
  3. Never bounce or juggle balls between games, including during the changeover.
  4. Never allow a loose ball to remain on the court after the end of a point.
  5. Never touch a ball unless it has bounced twice. Any other ball is still in play!
  6. When the players go, the balls stay, except during a tie-break.
  7. When the players stay, the balls go!
  8. Remain still when the server steps up to the baseline and is ready to serve. 

And just for fun, here is a link to the 2017 BNP Paribas Open Ball Kids Training Manual. It gives a lot of great information, and a glimpse of what it takes to be a Ball Kid at a major pro tournament!